Step 1 – Introduction

After you have contacted us, we will be happy to visit you for an initial conversation. The best relationship between wishes, budget and quality is often a search. We are happy to think along with you within this area of ​​tension. We map out your wishes. Do you want us to take all the work off your hands? Or would you rather do a part yourself? It is possible with all of us, read more about it on this page.

Step 2 – Quotation

After our acquaintance you will receive the quote by e-mail within 48 hours. We make this offer based on all wishes that were discussed during our introduction.

Step 3 – Conference

If necessary, we will visit you again to go through our offer with you, so that you know exactly what you are offered. We will leave our offer with you and give you time to review and compare it. If desired, parts can be adjusted or changed. Read about our customers’ experiences here.

Step 4 – Decision

If you decide to continue with us, you can return the quotation signed to us. We always immediately create a Whatsapp group with you as a customer, the professionals and the project manager. This ensures that we can always communicate directly with you. Then we start with the work preparation and make a planning. On the basis of this planning you can always see what is being worked on at that moment and when your new construction and / or renovation can be completed. We also ensure that the neighbors and / or the VVE are informed about the construction work. We can also take care of the application for the environmental permit (building permit).

Step 5 – Implementation

Construction is carried out. During the implementation we always keep in close contact with you. During which the progress on the construction site is discussed and reviewed. We also look ahead to the upcoming construction activities. We advise you on the decisions to be made.

Step 6 – Commissioning

As soon as the delivery is in sight, we will contact you and schedule an appointment. We go through and look at all parts together. Any comments or consideration be noted. Of course we ensure that all delivery points are resolved as quickly as possible.

Step 7 – Additional and less work

During the entire construction process, additional and less work is already discussed with you and this is always recorded in writing. We only do this after written approval. We will of course send the invoice for the additional work when it is ready, so that you will not be faced with any surprises at the end of the construction period.

Step 8 – Aftercare

We always deliver our projects with warranty. The duration of the guarantee is discussed in advance in the quotation. In the unlikely event that you still have questions after delivery of the project, you can always contact us. Even if problems arise, we always visit you to view it.

Curious about what we can do for you?